I teach Alexander Technique and back care in Lewes

How is our posture related to wellbeing?

Kate Minogue

Kate Minogue

Our natural reaction to stress is 'fight or flight'. We contract our muscles in preparation to run or to tussle with an opponent.

All that tension may translate into aches and pains or you may simply feel stiff and lacking in energy.

I know from personal experience the power of this simple technique that has become my way of life. It has helped my back pain but it has also taught me how to better respond to the demands of everyday life.

Alexander Technique is neither a treatment nor a therapy -

- it's a Life Skill that will make everything seem easier

In your lessons you will learn about the power of habit, how to change your body’s response to stress and change, and how to stop creating unnecessary muscular tension (and potentially pain) within yourself.

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Free yourself using the Alexander Technique

  • Discover how your posture may be exacerbating your pain

  • Learn how to respond to whatever life throws at you with less tension and more ease

  • Throw off old habits and replace them with a new, better balance

  • Feel lighter and move more freely

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