About me

My name's Kate Minogue. I’m an Alexander Technique teacher living and working in Lewes

I’ve spent my life in ten countries on three continents. I've worked as an editor, an English teacher, and an exercise instructor.

I’ve always had back problems and eventually became aware of the massive amount of tension I was carrying as a leftover from ballet classes when I was young.

Somehow I hadn't been able to come back to neutral when I was out of class and I wondered if that was contributing to my back pain.

I'd also noticed, when teaching exercise classes, how people can't always do what they're asked to do. Yet they don't necessarily realise they have a problem with posture.

Learning positive responses to stress

I've always been a bit of a worrier and the sort of person who wants to get things right. Alexander Technique helps me feel more in control of my responses.

I can't change what happens around me, but I can choose my reaction.

Throughout the day I'll regularly take a moment to notice how I'm breathing, what's around me, and how I'm responding to it all.

Alexander Technique doesn't add on layers to your already complex life; it strips them away.

It makes life easier.

My training

I know from personal experience the power of this simple technique that has become a way of life for me. Not only has it helped me care for my back - it has taught me how to respond better to the demands of everyday life.

  • To become a teacher, I followed a three-year full-time course at the Brighton Alexander Technique College run by Carolyn Nicholls.
  • I have completed the Alexander in Education Foundation Course with The Developing Self 
  • I'm a member of STAT (The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique).
  • I'm fully insured and have enhanced DBS certification.
  • I'm CNHC registered.

Call Kate on 0777 477 0884 or email her to find out more.