My first of three tips to keep you moving with ease this Christmas

We all had great posture as children

We all had great posture as children

Writing from the south of England it seems unlikely I’ll need to be shovelling snow any time soon

But this is a great example of how you can hurt yourself by moving thoughtlessly and rushing to get the job done

If you’ve taken Alexander lessons you will know how important it is to use yourself in a balanced and released way and without excess muscular tension. This applies to carrying Christmas trees, moving guest beds around, and loading up the car.


If you have to travel, plan well to make your journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible. If you find yourself stuck in traffic, ensure you’re not gripping the steering wheel or tightening your shoulders.

Be aware of what you’re doing and remember - most of us had beautiful posture as young children. It’s our habits that have led us to lose it!

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