Is January gloomy?

January may be a great opportunity to declutter and simplify your life.

January may be a great opportunity to declutter and simplify your life.


January is traditionally a time for New Year resolutions, but they frequently fall by the wayside before the month is out

If you have a problem, the answer may simply be to stop doing something, rather than adding more to your load

For example, when you sit at your computer you usually end up with backache. Your partner loves you and hates to see you in pain, so they buy you a special desk chair for Christmas. You’re delighted and look forward to a pain-free year but, as soon as you return to your computer, you get backache again. You also feel guilty because you want to tell your partner they’ve helped. But they haven’t.

If you suffer from unexplained backache, you should see your doctor. In this case, though, it seems clear that sitting at the computer is the cause. To pinpoint the exact trigger, maybe you need to look at yourself and what you ‘do’. Perhaps you don’t need to impose a solution at all.

Freedom from unhelpful habits

Throughout life we all acquire habits. Some of these are beneficial, such as brushing your teeth at bedtime. Others are less useful, even harmful, and often we are totally unaware of them. Seeing oneself on film can be quite surprising, or even alarming. Do I really stick out my hip/make that noise/fiddle with my hair?

Alexander Technique is a way of re-educating yourself to ‘do’ less and to discard unhelpful postural habits. You may have no idea you’re sitting on your tailbone or poking your head forward, thereby causing discomfort at the computer. An Alexander teacher will work with you to help you rediscover an easier, more efficient way of moving. Remember, even while sitting, you’re still breathing and balancing. We’re always moving to some degree.

So as the New Year gets under way, don’t just clear out your home. Give a thought to your own movement patterns and look forward to functioning with more ease and grace

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